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WELCOME to a Web Site fully dedicated to your fibromyalgia pain relief. It is critical that you understand...

What Fibromyalgia Pain is All About

Who Has Fibromyalgia Pain?

More than 150 million Americans suffer from some sort of pain, 6 million from Fibromyalgia pain.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that is characterized by a number of different symptoms. However, one of the most dominant fibromyalgia symptoms is definitely pain. More than 6 million women and men suffer from fibromyalgia and must endure widespread pain throughout their muscles. This pain has long been unexplainable, though recent advances in research have now pinpointed why fibromyalgia causes such incredible pain in some sufferers.

As a result, effective treatments including prescription medications and drug-free supplements may be used to help combat the discomfort caused by fibromyalgia pain. Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain that is frequently associated with fatigue and sleep disturbances.

Who Should Be Concerned About Fibromyalgia?

When you have pain in several areas of your body and seek treatment, doctors often misdiagnose fibromyalgia pain as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, or another musculoskeletal condition. It affects women far more often than men, at a ratio of about ten to one. While some cases result from a specific trauma, more often the exact cause is unknown.

What Causes Fibromyalgia Pain?

Physicians have had trouble truly understanding fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia pain and fibromyalgia pain relief. The causes of fibromyalgia pain have long been debated. Many see fibromyalgia as a psychological illness, not one caused by a physical problem. Recently though, fibromyalgia research has shown that fibromyalgia pain may be caused by a biological problem in the patients brain.

It seems that those people with fibromyalgia actually have a much lower threshold for pain than those who don't have the syndrome. This means that even a gentle touch could cause excruciating pain in someone with fibromyalgia. Recent studies show that it only takes half of the stimulus normally necessary to produce pain signals in the brains of fibromyalgia sufferers. Those suffering from the disease tend to "remember" this pain longer too; they will continue feeling pain even after the event that caused it in the first place is no longer present.

This lowered pain threshold is probably caused by a miscommunication somewhere in the brain. For instance, when you touch something that is hot, nerves in your hands and arms send off pulses that travel to your brain. It seems that those people with fibromyalgia actually experience a change in this signal once it reaches the base of the spinal cord. Here, the pain signals are actually magnified, causing extreme and chronic pain. In essence the focus in relieving pain is to apply solutions that deal with nerve related pain versus physical pain.

 fibromyalgia relief


One very important aspect of these new discoveries about pain has to do with a process called sensitization. An introduction to sensitization will help you to understand how your fibromyalgia pain can be so severe and why your pain may seem out of proportion to the evidence of any disease in the affected body tissues. Sensitization can also explain why specific reliefs directed at fibromyalgia pain relief have to date only provided limited benefit.

Although the neurobiology of sensitization is complex, the basic idea behind it is straightforward. When pain signals are transmitted from injured or diseased tissues, these signals can then activate (sensitize) pain circuits in the peripheral nervous system, spinal cord and brain.

The process of sensitization can be compared to the volume control on your stereo, amplifying and sometimes distorting the pain message. The result is a painful condition that is severe and out of proportion to the disease or original injury. Sensitization may affect all regions of your nervous system that process pain messages, including the sensing, feeling and thinking centers of your brain. When this occurs, chronic pain may be associated with emotional and psychological suffering.

fibromyalgia relief

The Centre for Pain Relief Mission and the purpose of this web site is to bring to you information about fibromyalgia pain relief products that have proven effective and are not invasive in nature...that is...every product on this web site dealing with fibromyalgia pain is either an external application applied pain remedy or taken by mouth as with pills but none are addictive.

Pain products that are addictive or delivered by an intravenous method such as from a hypodermic needle will not be addressed nor be placed on this web site. This site is about treating fibromyalgia, and specifically fibromyalgia pain relief. We do not believe in prescription related products that while effective in the beginning will become addictive over time and cause more fibromyalgia problems than they solve.

Our fibromyalgia content and fibromyalgia pain relief solutions are not influenced by any medical physician, medical institution, government agency, or by corporate or product sponsorship...Never will be! Research and sound user testimonials determine our decision making.

Not a day goes by without some negative press on a prescription drug. Television commercials spend most of the air time informing you of harmful side effects of one product or another even while promoting the very product they are advertising..incredible! but true!

We choose to utilize informed minds to seek out the truth about fibromyalgia pain relief products that do more harm than good. If they will harm you, we will let you know, if they have merit, we will let you know as well. The key is to make sure that the fibromyalgia preventive and/or pain relief isn't worse than the "disease".

While we will always listen to advice, research, and etc. on fibromyalgia pain remedies from such entities, we will not include pain information or pain products on this web site until we have determined they are viably "pain relief" effective for fibromyalgia as evidenced by real world "tests" and testimonials from credible institutions and individual users. In other words, if it's a preventative or fibromyalgia pain relief product that is not tried and proven, you won't find it on this web site.

While we believe that certain institutions can be and in many cases are helpful. We do not believe that any government or private sector institution for that matter is the holy grail acting in the best interest of the general public when it comes to this condition. Every product that has proven lethal and/or with dire side effects were for the most part approved by a government agency at one time or another. They are institutions ran by people with good and bad intentions, and therefore act in their own or other's self interests rather than that of the good of the general public. This isn't just our opinion, we have a considerable body of published knowledge to make the case for mis-information and lack of accountability.

You should know...We are not medical practioners, but we seek their insights on fibromyalgia pain. We are not doctors, but we welcome and seek their viewpoint on fibromyalgia pain relief. We are not associated with any local, state, or government agency, although in some cases they have value. We are however, a group of dedicated medical researchers with a great reputation for getting behind and surfacing the truth about the value of medical information and product efficacy when it comes to any disease, to include fibromyalgia.

We intend to earn your respect for our ability to bring you actionable fibromyalgia relief information and fibromyalgia products that deliver tried and proven fibromyalgia preventive and pain relief solutions. Unfortunately, fibromyalgia products are not a one size fit's all solution for a given condition.

From time to time, you will see fibromyalgia preventive and pain relief products as well as information on this website that appear to address fibromyalgia in a very similar way. And your are right. The reason for this is all of us have different physiological make-up's and each of us must find a fibromyalgia pain relief solution that works for our own body. To this end, we are dedicated to helping you find the fibromyalgia relief information, pain management and fibromyalgia preventive and pain relief products that are right for you such as Menastil which is one of the best topical pain relief products on the market today for fibromyagia pain relief.

We are responsible for bringing you credible, accurate information about pain as well as accountability for bringing you fibromyalgia pain relief information and fibromyalgia products that real world tests have proven effective for the condition itself as well as pain related products. You are responsible and accountable for reading provided fibromyalgia relief information and finding out which fibromyalgia products work for you...and the only way to find out is to try them to see if they help relieve your condition. Sooner or later you will find that one piece of information and/or that one specific fibromyalgia product that will prove to be the most effective for you... and when you do... it will be well worth the price for your patience.

If your suffer from fibromyalgia pain as I do, you know as well as I, that effective fibromyalgia pain relief has no price tag...if it works, I want to know about is too short to spend my time or yours with a fibromyalgia conditions that can occur with it. ALL fibromyalgia conditions can be effectively treated with non- addictive, effective fibromyalgia preventative and targeted pain relief products.

 fibromyalgia pain relief

Your fibromyalgia Pain Relief Management

This web site is primarily about communicating fibromyalgia preventive and pain relief information about fibromyalgia products that can help to prevent the complications of fibromyalgia as well as relieve pain and also to address pain products that do not help based on research and testimonials. We will constantly source and recommend fibromyalgia information, management, fibromyalgia information web sites, and fibromyalgia preventive as well as pain relief products of interest to you or for someone you know who is in need of fibromyalgia information, management, and remedies for the condition.

 fibromyalgia pain relief

Our Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
Commitment to You

If we ever offer a fibromyalgia pain relief product on this web site that doesn't work for you, let us know and we will do something about it, including a full refund. If we recommend a fibromyalgia product on some other web site that you try and you experience a problem, let us know and we will make best efforts to do something about this as well.

On the other hand, if you use one of our products and/or become aware of a non-narcotic fibromyalgia product that works for you, please make us aware of it. We will add your testimonial to this site for a product that exists on this site and if not, take a look at getting the product for this site and if not, make sure everyone is aware of where it can be purchased and refer them to that site or place of business.

The fibromyalgia pain relief market runs the gamut from snake oil to charlatan solution remedies, to overpriced, in-effective products for a plethora of painful fibromyalgia conditions. Our files are full of such information and such products. It's about time these sources and resources are surfaced and dealt with in a highly visible and productive manner. We can't do this by ourselves, we need your help...It's your painful fibromyalgia condition that is at issue, make the most of your opportunity via this web site to get involved in your own fibromyalgia pain relief remedy and that of others. Pain sufferers share a brotherhood of responsibility one for each other...please join us! e-Mail us with your comments at

We will try our best to bring you pertinent information, resources, and products dealing with fibromyalgia relief involving the conditions as listed above, and for others we may add from time to time depending on your inquiry and/or request.

Welcome to, Your source for effective fibromyalgia preventive solutions and pain relief. We look forward to your participation on the web site and finding a fibromyalgia relief solution for you, your family, and friends.

We are here to help...

The best to your for a pain free life!

Ray Attebery
The Centre for Pain Relief
Burlington, NJ 08016

DISCLAIMER: Sponsors do not influence the content of this Web site. The site is primarily designed for use by consumers seeking information about painful fibromyalgia conditions and products that could potentially assist in their fibromyalgia management.The information contained herein should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided herein should not be considered as an offering of medical advice or medical cure in the case of any and all information and products. Please check with a physician in all cases of pain no matter how minor the pain may be. A qualified physician is absolutely essential to an effective fibromyalgia management program for the control and relief of pain. For additional information, please refer to our Privacy Policy on this web site.

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